What are the benefits of pressure-less washing versus pressure washing?

With pressure-less washing, you couldn't break a petal off a flower. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose pressure-less:

  • Vinyl and aluminum siding will get cleaner and stay cleaner longer

  • No damage to your house or property

  • Does not force water, mold, or mildew underneath siding, in J channels, soffits, or seams of siding

  • 1-year guarantee - no green mold or black mildew on all vinyl and aluminium siding

  • All stained or painted cedar, wood, clapboard will look like the day it was applied

  • No fraying or splintering of siding


What is growing on my house?

Green mold – is a mold fungus growth that thrives in moist warm air. It appears mostly on the north side of homes as well areas that lack sun.

Black spotted growth – is black mildew and can be found on your siding and around your attic vents. It also occurs in damp weather.

Black round, raised dots - is artillery fungus which is caused by wood chips, mulch, and other wood. Whatever you do, don't try to pick them up or try to wash them off. By removing them, you can leave permanent stains to your property. In order to prevent fungus, call us 860-839-1000.


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